Messerschmit ME109 CSMesserschmit ME109 CS  Ref: SK22
The Messerschmit ME109 is another favourite among modellers being the most formidable German fighter of World War 2. Out gunning and out performing the Spitfire in a number of areas so it is was natural choice after bypassing the Spitfire and Hurricane. As previously a number of liberties have been taken with the design hence the CS (Character Scale) tag. It is up the you to add the refinements. Hopefully, once again, we have captured the essence of the full size aircraft. With a typical 4/500w 3542 size motor and using 3S 22/2900mA LiPos, the ME109 has a spritely performance and capable of performing a wide variety of manoeuvres. It is both a delight to build and fly attracting complements on both fronts.

Span 1280mm (50in) span
Weight 1490gms (3lb 4oz)
Section: Eppler 374 variant
Controls: Aileron/Elevator/Rudder/Motor with optional Flaps

Suggested Power Train:
Motor: 3542 1250Kv
Propeller: APCE 10x6
Speed Controller: Minimum 50A
LiPo Batteries: 22/2900mAhr 3S

Radio Control Equipment:
4/6ch Receiver
2 off Metal geared Micro servos (HS82MG/JX PS-1171MG)
2 off Standard size servos
2 off 2/300mm Servo Ext. Lead