Hitec HS-225BB Servo (Qty Deal)Hitec HS-225BB Servo (Qty Deal)  Ref: SH066
Hitec HS-225BB Servo Ref: SH065
The HS-225BB is ideal for applications that call for a small lightweight, high speed, high torque servo. Using state-of-the-art SMT technology, and a custom designed IC the HS-225 series of servos represent a true value with the performance that rivals the others larger more expensive servo.

Applications: Sport or high performance Aircraft to 4lbs.

Note:While the torque value is very high on this servo, it is still a mini size servo so the gears are not as strong as a standard servo.

Bearing Type: Ball Raced
Dimensions: 32x17x31mm
Gear Type: Nylon Gears
Speed @ 4.8v: 0.14S/60dg
Speed @ 6.0v: 0.11S/60dg
Torque @ 4.8v: 3.9Kg/Cm
Torque @ 6.0v: 4.8Kg/Cm
Weight: 27g