Mini-METRO Mk2 Fun Slope SoarerMini-METRO Mk2 Fun Slope Soarer  Ref: SK004
The Mini Metro was originally designed in the early eighties as a fun model and a precursor to the very popular Vagabond and Vagrant designs. The simple, easy build design not only makes it a pleasure to build but an ideal first building project. The Mini Metro is a lot of fun to fly and will fly in most light to moderate wind speeds. Due to its size it is very manoeuvrable and does spectacular flick rolls. The model has been 'resurrected' in response to a number of requests.

Construction features a slab sided balsa fuselage which can house standard size RC equipment. The Mini Metro was our first model to use, our now standard, quick and easy to build, fully sheeted built-up wing construction. All parts are accurately cut using a laser / router and the materials specially selected for the job it has to do.

Span: 990mm (39in) span
Weight: 450gm (16oz)
Controls: Rudder Elevator
Section: Eppler 205 variant

Radio Equipment:
4ch Receover
2 Standard size Servos
(HS311 Fut S3003/148)
Square Rx Battery
Switch Harnes