Vagrant Sport Aerobatic Slope SoarerVagrant Sport Aerobatic Slope Soarer  Ref: SK008
The Vagrant is a 2channel sport aerobatic slope soarer of simple design that is a bundle of fun to fly.The Vagrant will impress all those who fly her and those looking on. It is fast, very aerobatic and yet still floats in the lightest of lift. Easy build all wood construction.
Span 990mm (39in) span
Weight 450gms (16oz)

Price: £49.95

Span: 990mm (39in) span
Controls: Aileron/Elevator
Section: Eppler 205 variant
Av Wt. 990gms (16ozs)

Radio Control Equipment:
4ch Receiver
2 off Micro plastic/metal gears servos (HS65MG+HS81)
4.8v Square AA Rx Battery
Switch Harness
1 off 2/300mm Servo Ext. Lead