Toledo Sport Aerobatic Slope SoarerToledo Sport Aerobatic Slope Soarer  Ref: SK011
This attractive 'T' tail model is in a class of it's own. It stays up in the lightest of winds yet cuts through the strongest with the best. Nimble and aerobatic Toledo's performance will suit the most discerning of modellers. The simple construction consist of a conventional fully sheeted built up wing with a balsa ply fuselage and a simple but effective all flying tail layout.

Span: 1600mm
Controls: Rudder/Elevator/Aileron/Flapperons (Optional)
Av Wt. 1000gms
Section: Eppler 205 variant

Radio Control Equipment:
4/6ch Reciever
2 of Standard size Servos
2 off Micro metal gears servos (HS82MG New Power XL-16HM/17HMB
4.8v Square AA Rx Battery
Switch Harness
2 off 300mm Servo Ext. Leads