WingBAT 48 Flying Wing Slope SoarerWingBAT 48 Flying Wing Slope Soarer  Ref: SK013
The WingBAT 48, with its stylish lines and eviable flying characteristics is a variant of the once very popular WingBAT models we produced in the early 1990s. The WingBAT 48 in line with other Mk2 kits features a built-up fully sheeted wing and a simple ply/balsa fuselage making it a pleasure to build. Suitable for slope flyers with a little aileron experience.

Span 1420mm (48in) span
Weight 680gms (1lb 8oz)
Section: NACA 2R2

Radio Control Equipment:
4 ch Reciever
2 Mini / Micro Servos
(HS225BB/82MG New Power XL-16HM/17HMB)
4.8v Square AA Rx Battery
Switch Harness