Stage 2R Mk2 Rudder Elevator Slope TrainerStage 2R Mk2 Rudder Elevator Slope Trainer  Ref: SK014
The Stage 2 as it's name implies is a second stage aileron trainer designed to follow on from a basic rudder elevator trainer such as the Ab_Initio. It is sleeker, and faster than the Abby but still stays up in light winds. The Stage 2 Mk2 will perform most aerobatic manoeuvres although the inverted performance is limited. Construction is both simple and quick with ply fuselage sides and a conventional fully sheeted built-up wing.

Span: 1600mm
Controls: Rudder Elevator
Weight: 890grms
Section: Eppler 205 Variant

Radio Control Equipment:
4/6ch Reciever
2 of Standard size Servos
Square AA Rx Battery
Switch Harness