WingBAT 48E Electric Sports ModelWingBAT 48E Electric Sports Model  Ref: SK02
The original WingBAT and WingBAT+ both started life as gliders but were later converted to IC so it seemed natural to give the WingBAT 48 the same treatment. This time however we have converted it to electric power and not IC. The conversion has been very successful. The WingBAT 48E is spritely, aerobatic and uses readily avaialable, economically priced motor ESC and LiPo battery. Construction is similar to the glider version except that the servos are mounted outboard in the wing to make room for the battery.

Span 1420mm (48in) span
Weight 900gms (2lb)
Section: NACA 2R2

Radio Control Equipment:
4 ch Reciever
2 of HS82MG / XL-16HM/7HMG Servos
Motor 2836/08 1120Kv
2200mA 3S / 1800mA 4S LiPo