StillettoStilletto  Ref: SM0016
The Stiletto is a high performance 60 inch pylon racer designed for the cost conscious racer and the sports flyer who likes fast and efficient models. The quick build, simple construction features a high density foam wing with spruce spars, a ply sided / balsa fuselage and simple all sheet tailplane. The ailerons are driven by micro servos mounted in the wing. If the model is flown using a transmitter with control mixing facilities then the ailerons can also double as flaps (flaperons) to greatly extend Stiletto's performance envelope. The under wing area is reserved for the lead ballast that is fitted when conditions demand in pylon races.

Type: 60in Pylon Racer
Span: 1520mm
Controls: Aileron Elevator Flaperons
Av. Wt: 1000gms
Section: RG15