Turbo EspritTurbo Esprit  Ref: SM0019
The Turbo Esprit was the latest in a long line of high performance aerobatic slope soarers and is a direct development of the highly successful Esprit. The Turbo Esprit has been designed to fly with coupled flaps and ailerons / elevator and requires a computerised transmitter with these control mixing facilities if the designed performance is to be realised. The ailerons (flaperons) are driven by micro servos mounted in the wing otherwise standard size radio control equipment is used throughout. Flying performance is as you would expect in a model of this type, limited only by the ability of the pilot and the prevailing conditions. Construction follows our now standard practice of ply sided / balsa fuselage, sheet tailplane and a foam veneer wing.

Type: Advanced Aerobatic
Span: 1750mm
Controls: Rud/Ailer/Elev/Flaps
Av Wt. 1350gms
Section: Fully Symmetrical