VirageVirage  Ref: SM0022
The Virage has been developed as a multi-task systems trainer / sports model to bridge the gap between the small aerobatic slope soarers / rudder elevator thermal soarers and the more expensive high performance moulded composite machines / scale models. To become proficient at flying these models the pilot must acquire a new set of skills from programming the transmitter to the learning of new flying techniques. Often during this learning process mistakes are made which can be costly. The Virage offers a cost effective solution to this problem by allowing the modeller to develop these skills without risking serious damage to the wallet. The conventional construction features a ply sided fuselage, a foam veneer wing with hardwood leading edge / rear spar, spruce main spars (centre section only) and an all sheet tailplane. The Virage can be built with a mid-mounted all moving tail or with the more popular ‘V’ tail layout. Four wing mounted metal geared micro servos are required for the ailerons / flaperons. Whilst it is expected that flaperon mixing / crow braking is available via a computerised transmitter these functions can also be achieved using airborne electronic mixers. This model, which is popular with sports flyers and budding F3B / F3J contestants alike, has considerable potential both as a multi-task trainer and an aerobatic sports model and, barring accidents, should not outlive its useful life.
Specification Type: Cat 8
Span: 2490mm
Controls: Ail/Elev/Rud/Flaps
Av Wt. 1650gms
Section: Eppler 193