Slec Propeller BalancerSlec Propeller Balancer  Ref: TG906
SLEC SL93 Propeller Balancer for RC Planes and Quads

This is a must for any serious aero modeller using 'glow, diesel or petrol motors. Vibration can cause a real problem. Few if any propellers are balanced by the manufacturer. Servos, switches, plugs & sockets, can all be seriously affected, as well as the rest of the airborne gear. Engines too, also suffer with increased wear when subjected to excessive vibration, not to mention possible damage to the airframe itself. Nothing is safe from the destructive force.

Any size, and all types of propeller, whether made of wood, plastic or glass reinforced nylon, can be effectively balanced using our Hi-Tec prop balancer. The propeller is held on the spindle by 2 metal cones with internal grommets, which locks onto it. This then lays across the balancing wheels as one. It is extremely sensitive. Material is taken from the tip of the propeller until perfect balance is achieved.