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You would think that living in Devon, close to Dartmoor that I lived in ideal slope soaring country with an abundance of hills, a slope for every wind direction. In other words no need to move out of the county to fly! Whilst this may be the case very few of the hills would get 5 stars in a 'Classic Guide to Slope Sites' if ever one is written (another project for when I eventually retire!). Please do not get me wrong, Dartmoor is an extremely beautiful area and all sites boast breathtaking panoramic views and over the years I and many like me have spent countless hours enjoying some excellent soaring on them. No, it is just that at heart I am a restless soul and like to visit other areas and meet other modellers of a similar persuasion. Also the time I get to fly is rather limited so I will drive a 100 miles or so just to guarantee a good days flying.

West Country Sites Site Rating
St Agnes Head, Cornwall (SW, NNE)
  White Horse, Westbury, Wiltshire (W-N)
  White Sheet, Mere, Wiltshire (SW,NW)
  Dodman Point, Cornwall (E-SW)
  Cherril White Horse, Calne, Wiltshire (N)
  Roundway, Devizes, Wiltshire (SW-NW)
  Black Hill, Nr Haytor Rock, Dartnoor (N-E)
Crook's Peak, Somerset (E-N)

Dreams are seldom fully realised but in my search for the perfect site I have flown at some really excellent venues. Sites I will drive for like St. Agnes head which seems to have become my local slope even if it is a mere 100 miles down the road! Perhaps there is someone out there who can follow on from me with a description of their favourite / local sites after-all the expected growth in UK tourism is in short breaks and what better way to relax than spending a long weekend partaking in the loves (deliberately and diplomatically plural!) of your life.


Before visiting a site please make contact with the local flyers and establish the ground rules etc. Discussions currently taking place with a number of national bodies means that access to certain sites are under review and inappropriate use could jeopardise these negotiations. What is my ideal hill? Well one that funnels / guides the wind at the bottom and top so there is a minimum of turbulence. Likewise free from buildings and trees etc. A clear flat landing area. A ridge of 100yds/metres long plus a height of 4-500 feet (150metres) with a gradient of 70 - 80 degrees and if possible with access to the bottom to retrieve errant models.




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