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Modelling Magazine Articles

Stan Yeo has have written a number of articles on designing and flying slope soarers which have been published in the modelling press. Transcripts of these articles (minus diagrams) are available by clicking on the hyperlinks to the right of this page. Feel free to download these or print them out for your own pleasure. In summary the full versions are available from the following publications:


Not Published Radio Controlled Systems
Prepare to Flap
Choosing a Slope Site
Crossed Wires
Simple Electrics
  Li-Poly Battery Failure
Batteries - The "C" Rating & Time to Charge (new) we
  Brushless Motors (new)
  More about Chargers (new)
Radio Control Model World|
Prepare to Charge
Prepare to Design
Prepare for Lift-off
Prepare to Survive
Flying in Gales
Repairing Foam Wings
Slope Soarer Design
Foaming Experiences
Radio Control Model & Electronics| Starting in Slope Soaring
Flying in Jersey
Silent Flight

The EPP Revolution


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