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As you may have noticed we now have secure online shopping facilities for convenience shopping for our radio equipment & accessories and have now included our EPP kits. We would still rather have direct contact with you, the customer, so we can ascertain that the model you are ordering is going to meet your needs and also highlight any relevant building/flying tips. However if you know the model you require this gives you the option.

The on-line shop is for customers who do not require help or advice with their purchases or find our business hours inconvenient and is in no way intended to replace the personal service we have always endeavoured to provide. We enjoy talking to our customers !!

At the moment the on-line shop is only available for people living in the UK (including the Channel Islands) and Ireland. Overseas customers will need to contact us personally by e-mail or phone. VAT will be deducted when the order is processed For all our Channel Island customers, VAT will be deducted when the order is processed

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Goods can be ordered by telephone or on our on-line shop

Place an order over the Internet by sending an email detailing what you would like to purchase to:

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Telephone or Fax us on:

+44 (0) 1626 332287

Office + Shop Hours

10 am to 4.30 pm MON-THURS,

10 am to 3.00pm FRIDAY

All times GMT

Write to us or visit us at:

3 Salisbury House

Salisbury Road, NEWTON ABBOT, 

Devon, TQ12 2DF  



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Unfortunately, like everyone else, we do make the occasional mistake or an item purchased does not work or is causing problems. In these circumstances we want you to contact us as soon as possible so we can resolve the problem. We would also ask you to test radio equipment before installing it in a model or modifying it to suit your particular installation as modifying an item invalidates the warrantee and makes it very difficult to resolve any problems without either of us feeling aggrieved.

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There is no mileage for either of us if you have purchased one of our kits and for whatever reason, except of course personal circumstances, the model does not get built so if you have a problem building one of our kits please contact us. We will do our very best to help you resolve your difficulties. The best outcome for both you and PMP is for you to be flying one of our models with a big grin on your face! If you are unfortunate enough to seriously damage one of our models, before reluctantly consigning it to the dustbin, again contact us as in nearly all cases the model can be repaired with the minimum of outlay in time and money.











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