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Aircraft Kits for Callers

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Kits for Personal Callers
Due to the vagaries of our transportation system with its high risk of damage we prefer to sell kits to callers in person. We carry a limited selection of kits as there is so much choice. What is popular this month is not next so we try to avoid holding stock that is past its 'sell by date'! We do however have accounts with all the major distributers and can usually get a kit/model next day if it is in stock. Where possible we price match the best on the internet providing it is a bona fide UK retailer saving you the postage and the risk and inconvenience of receiving a damaged kit. This applies to any modelling goods you require that we do not carry as a normal stock item.
WOT 4 Foam-E Mk 2 ARTf WOT 4 Foam-E Mk 2 ARTf Ref: RK005
This is not just any foam model! It's a very clever WOT 4 that can be flight ready in under 30 minutes! The beautiful EPO mouldings hide an innovative internal structure that adds strength where needed. 1 in Stock Latest Version.

Price: 224.95