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Stans Mk2 Kits.

By popular demand we are slowly re-introducing a selection of the most popular 'wood' kits we produced prior to the EPP (Foamie) era. The Mk2 kits are being designed to be a more pleasureable building experience. 99% of the construction can be completed using only PVA wood glue. Only a very small amount of Epoxy and Superglue (Cyno) are used. This is a big plus for modellers who love building but suffer an allergic reaction to these adhesives. The foam veneer wings have been replaced with a fully sheeted built up wing with a self aligning 'egg-box' construction that is both easy and quick to build. All kits feature accurately laser cut and routed (milled) parts. All twin servo aileron models feature custom designed servo mounts for easy fitment of the aileron servos. Covering materials, adhesives and radio control equipment etc. are not included in the kits. The kits are very comprehensive with nearly all the fiddly bits pre-cut.

After the goods news a bit of bad news. Balsa prices have doubled since the beginning of this year (2021)along with less onerous price increases on other modelling goods. A recent wood order, which would have been a thousand pounds last year was over two thousand pounds. As a consequence we are having increase our kit prices. There are a number of reasons for the balsa price increase the main ones being Covid, Freight charges and Balsa being used in the production of wind turbine blades.